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Information on Lex Luger

He is the "The Total Package" because of his body. Luger began as a gridiron great at the University of Miami and played professionally in three football leagues; CFL, USFL, NFL. Youngest offensive lineman in the history of the Canadian Football League. On October 31, 1995 made his wrestling debut. A one time member of the Horsemen. Lex never backs away from a challenge and will take on anyone standing in his way to the top. With his great agility, incredible strength, and tremendous wrestling skills, have put him along the top as one of the top WCW wrestlers. In 1992 had a motorcycle accident, which hurt his arm. During his rehab he left WCW and joined McMahon's old World Body Building Federation. He left WWF in the Fall, after he had enough and returned on the first Monday Nitro. Luger has always fueded with the nWo Hollywood. Lex and Sting own two Main Event Fitness Centers in Atlanta, GA. His best friends outside the ring include Sting, The Steiner Brothers, DDP, Buff Bagwell, and The Giant. Lex and Sting saw alot of Buff Bagwell in the hospital during his neck injury. He joined the Wolfpac in May and succeeded in bringing in Sting. Luger also has the job of head recruiter in the Wolfpac.

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